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Full Stack Linux Kernel & Device Driver Programming Course

Its a complete guided course of ~170+ hrs. combination of following modules.

Life time LMS access

Get full LMS access instantly after enrolling, 170+ hrs of recorded lectures – System programming, Linux Kernel Internals, Linux Device Drivers and Linux Debudding techniques.

Real Time Projects

Work with real time projects through out the course. Expert resources and useful tools to help make your project a success, from  ideation to enterprise adoption.

Interview preparation

1-on-1 on demand mock interview sessions will be taken by experts having experience of cracking SDE interviews of tie one company like Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel & Cisco etc.

Contribute to open source

Contributing to open source can be a rewarding way to learn, teach, and build experience in just  about any skill you can imagine.

Linux System Programming

~30 hrs. training

This module will teach you the necessary theory and applications to properly understand Gcc, gdb, assembly language for ARM and x86, shared and static libraries, and Linux system programming.

Linux Kernel Internals

~30 hrs. training

In this module we will cover Linux Kernel Internals. To have sufficient understanding of Linux Operating System or any other Operating System, for that matter, and what makes them functional at core.

Linux Device Driver

~30 hrs. training

This module teaches you how to develop device drivers in the Linux for projects on embedded platforms -raspberry pi 4,  Beaglebone black, or on the traditional PC platform. through theory and practical

Linux Socket Programming

~30 hrs. training

In this module, you will learn Linux Socket Programming  which provides quite a complete discussion presented in graphically manner with working programs from the very basic networking up to the packet level.

Network Device Drivers

~30 hrs. training

This module will teach you how to write Linux device driver for PCI device, GPIO (General Purpose IO), USB and pseudo Network device with PING (ICMP protocol)   functionality. 



The average Linux Kernel Developer salary in the USA is $111,250 per year or $57.05 per hour. Entry level positions start at $97,500 per year while most experienced professionals make up to $181,350 per year.

Become Linux Kernel & Linux Device Driver Developer

All Our Programs Facilitate

Real-world coding/design issues fixed by experts

Best way to learn is to Understand real-world problems and bugs encountered by your trainer or peers and what did they do to fix these clumsy design or code.

1-on-1 Doubt clearing session

Frequent doubt clearing sessions to focus on answering your technical questions, motivating you to code or solve problems as many as you can yet with the right approach.

Unlimited access with updates

Interview questions keeps on changing, questions which are popular today might not be asked tomorrow, recharge yourself with new question set every month.

Learn any time any where

Get recording of live class at the end if the session, Install LinuxKernelFoundation google classroom App to get unlimited access to all the recording.

About Linux Kernel-elearning

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Become an expert

Steering efficient learning is no doubt a challenge – but it does not have to be that way. We at Linux Kernel are the spot-on teaching partner that facilitates to impact your business as well as a students’ career. From plan to carrying out, we are beside you all through this journey.

Learn by Doing

The instructors of Linux Kernel observe our values every day as learners as well as teachers themselves. We have a diverse culture, comprehensive, and dedicated to personal plus professional growth. We are never scared to take on new challenges, and we love making Linux Kernel courses fun and enjoyable to both corporate workers and students’ alike!

Build your portfolio

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Learn with the best

Yogesh is a former Qualcomm employee who worked as lead Engineer at Qualcomm before joining LinuxKernelFoundation as Linux Kernel Device Driver and Embedded system Instructor. Currently he is working as a senior system engineer with a startup for new platform development for builidng high end devices using IOT and AI-ML based technology.


Abhay Kumar worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Samsung and Juniper, he was involved into Network Platform development and has a very good understanding of Linux Network Device Driver, I/O and Interface Drivers. He likes teaching and sharing his knowledge in and around Linux Networking. He has a passion for writing new drivers for network devices.


Sunny Singh has 13+ years of experience in developing Embedded Products and Applications. He has done M.Tech from IIT and loves teaching in his spare time.  He joined as an Embedded trainer having deep experience in System Programming, Memory management and Linux Device Drivers. He always striving towards creating great learning experience.